Hey Math

The young minds are made sharper by giving them hands on experience, exploring the kits provided to them.


Introduced in class 1 & 2 to lay a strong foundation in Number sense.

Book lovers Programme

Students of classes 1 to 3 are motivated to read books through this programme. The books used are tailor made in such a way as to pique the curious readers.

Yoga & Dance

Each class gets a session of Yoga and Dance every week which makes them nimble and active.

Western and Indian Music

The students are allowed to relax to the sound of music and singing.

Art & Craft

It gives the students an exposure to get more creative and learn something new.

• YLE – The students from class 2 upwards are encouraged to take part in YLE (The Cambridge Young Learners English Examination) featured by Cambridge University.

• Value Education – A time is set aside to reflect on values and the art of living in harmony with society. Classes 8 to 12 follow the curriculum planned by the tGELF foundation.

• Smart board – Learning becomes fun as students witness concepts come alive on screen.