Vidyodaya School Society


Mr. N. NARAYANAN I.A.S.(Retd.)-Chairman

(Former Chief Secretary to Govt. Of Tamilnadu)

Mrs. NANDITA KRISHNAN-Correspondent

Dr. (Mrs.) Prabha Appasamy

Mrs. Sita Chelliah

Mrs. Latha Fenn

Mr. V.Nagappan – Treasurer


Mrs. Anna George

Mrs. Anuradha khati rajivan

Mr. Elias Koshy

Mrs. Bhavani Raghunandhan

Mrs. Radha Balakrishnan


Mrs. M.Viji


Vidyodaya School was established with the objective of establishing a school which would be wholly Indian in outlook, interfaith, all round in scope with due emphasis on fine arts and culture – while not neglecting the academic side of education. The School aims to build a better society, with values based on and inspired by broad Christian principles, particularly suitable to girls.


The School colours, chosen by the Founder are cream and green: The School crest symbolizes the name Vidyodaya, the dawn of knowledge. The light of the rising sun illuminates the open book of knowledge. It was designed by Sri Kiran Singha, the Art Master from Shantiniketan, in 1939 during his tenure in the School.


The School Magazine “Pratyusha” is published in April. The best efforts from the Alaya Magazines published on Children’s Day are chosen for it.


The Vidyodaya community is divided into four Houses and four Alayas. From Standards III to V, the pupils are members of Gandhi, Kumarappa, Nehru and Tagore House while the pupils of Standards VI to XII become members of Premalaya, Sathyalaya , Sevalaya and Thyagalaya. Each Alaya has a Head Prefect, a Senior and Junior Prefect. All Houses have a common Captain and one individual Senior and junior leader. The tenure of the office bearers is one year.


The Prefect badges were designed by Smt. N. Lalitha in 1938 using the school symbol.

Premalaya : Motto – Unto others as unto thyself. Colour – Mauve , Symbol – The dove

Sathyalaya : Motto – Be true in thought , word and deed Colour – Red , Symbol – The Flame.

Sevalaya : Motto – To serve and not to be served. Colour – Orange , Symbol – The Charka.

Thyagalaya : Motto – To give and not to count the cost. Colour - Blue , Symbol – The Cross.


Gandhi House : Motto – Truth is the highest instinction. Colour – Purple , Symbol – The Agal.

Kumarappa House : Motto – Return good for evil. Colour – Maroon, Symbol – A plough with two bullocks.

Nehru House : Motto – The utmost for the highest. Colour – Brown, Symbol – Two Elephants holding the Charka.

Tagore House : Motto – A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Colour – Dark Blue, Symbol – The Lotus.


Vidyodaya was founded by Mrs. E.S. Appasamy in 1924 with about Rs. 10,000 collected as donation from family sympathizers. The school opened on February 24th in a bungalow at Pallavaram with three boarders and three day pupils. The first Head of the School was Mrs. K. Sathianathan M.A., She chose the name “Vidyodaya”.

In 1926, the School was recognized as a special school by the Government. In April 1926, the school moved to Santhome, into a building rented from the Bishop of Madras. Three years later, when the Santhome premises was sold, the school was shifted to Rutland Gate , Nungambakkam, a private house with 20 acres of garden. The pupils numbered 100 and the lack of permanent building was the major problem.

In 1931, negotiations began with the Corporation for the purchase of land in Mambalam. The Corporation sold 13 1/2 acres at cost price. The foundation stone was laid by Dr. P. Subbarayan on 11th March 1938. The Governor, Lord Erskine, formally opened the school on 8th November 1938.

The years 1938 – 48 were critical for the school because of the evacuation due to war and the severe drought that followed. In 1949, the Silver Jubilee of the School was celebrated. In 1951, the Government took over the school to run it as a public school. But two years later, however, they returned it to the Founder. Mrs. E.S. Appasamy was ageing but the parents who had confidence in the school and an appreciation of the type of education provided here, rallied round her and helped to maintain the school and meet its varying needs. It is now run as Vidyodaya Girls Higher Secondary School , a Government Aided School.

In 1972, the Vidyodaya Academy was affiliated to the Council for Indian School certificate. In 1984, the Academy adopted the Tamil Nadu State Matriculation System of Education and was renamed ‘Vidyodaya Matriculation Higher Secondary Academy’. The plus – two course was awarded recognition by the Directotrate of Education, Tamil Nadu. Its curriculum caters to the needs of Indian and foreign students.

The Pre-Primary Sections (Junior and Senior) attached to VGHSS and VMA were integrated into a single Pre-Primary School under teh Management of the Vidyodaya Schools Society with effect from the academic year 1989 -1990, with a thoroughly revised and enriched curriculum.

The Schools have grown to a strength of about 2500 children and housed in six blocks of buildings, one each for the different departments. With all its cultural and educational facilities, Vidyodaya serves the needs of children from all over India and abroad.


This is a unique facility in Vidyodaya. Its main objective is to diagnose children with learning difficulties early, so that they can receive proper remedial help, develop adequate coping skills and thereby overcome the anxiety and frustration which go hand –in-hand with academic failure.
Another function of the centre relates to providing career guidance to the senior students, in order to give them an insight into the changing scenario regarding job opportunities for girls today.
Counselling services are also available for students and parents , at the centre.
Mrs. SHEREEN BROIDO Special Educator
Mrs. J.SUJATHA Special Educator
Ms. SRIDEVI SRINATH Student Counsellor