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In the late 1800’s,Elizabeth Sornam Cornelius as Mrs.E.S.Appasamy was then known,was so touched and positively affected by her student life at Epiphany school at Pune run by the sisters of Wantage,that sometime in the summer of 1923 began discussions regarding the possibility of opening a school at Madras, that would extend to girls an all round education, like the one she enjoyed Poona.On February 24th, 1924 the school was started with three boarders and three-day scholars, in a bungalow at Pallavaram.Right from day one it was God-ordained that only the best should serve on the teaching faculty and this fact was amply justified by its very first Principal,Mrs.Kamala Sathianadhan,who was the first woman graduate of Madras University.Being a distinguished student herself she helped shape Vidyodaya into becoming what it is.It was she who christened the school ‘VIDYODAYA’.

Miss.Vimala Appasamy,daughter of Mrs.E.S.Appasamy,who incidentally happened to be one among 6 students of Vidyodaya, after her Education served to school in the capacity of Headmistress and Corresspondent till the year 1978.Education was oriented to preparing the students for the S.S.L.C examination and the first batch took the recognized exam in 1931.Today it is run as Vidyodaya Girls’ Higher Secondary School, a Government-aided Instituition.IN 1972, Vidyodaya Academy was born, affliated to the council for Indian School Certificate,but in 1984,it chose to adopt the Tamil Nadu State Matriculation system of Education and was renamed Vidyodaya Matriculation Higher Secondary Academy.Vidyodaya Girls’ Higher Secondary School celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1974 and its Diamond Jubilee in 1984,Platinum Jubilee in 1999,90th year in 2014 and is marching towards the centenary celebrations.

Extra curricular Activities

In games the students are encouraged and trained to participate at the Zonal,District,Divisional,State and the National level.The Basket Ball,Hockey and Athletics Team have represented the state at the National level.The curriculum is driven by values,rather than results.Traditions co-exist with the state of the art technology, computer labs and smart classes. Career guidance and leadership seminars go hand in hand with music,dance,fine arts and culture.The syllabus includes co-curricular and extra- curricular activities built on foundations of love,truth,service and sacrifice.

To inculcate a sense of nationalism and patriotism in every child, national functions such as Independence Day and Republic Day are celebrated with much pomp.Freedom Fighters are invited to address the school and to hoist the National Flag.The Sarvodaya Day on the 30th of January is observed with Gandhian Principles and values being highlighted in an effort to keep alive, the ideals of the ‘Father of Our Nation’.

Opportunities to nurture the latent talents of the students are provided through participation in the Literary Associations and Club activities which provide a forum for drama, dance,mono acting ,role play,quiz,debates,panel discussions,poetry reading and recitation in English,Tamil and Hindi.

Western Music, Indian Dance,Yoga,G.K,Seminars and Workshops, Exhibitions,Debates,Project Work,Planting of Trees,Gardening-all form a part of the daily routine.Vidyodaya is part of the Associate Schools Project Network of the U.N. so the students are encouraged to participate in all the special observances of the U.N. by putting up Tableaus,DanceDrama and Exhibitions in tandem with the declarations of the U.N. unique to each year.Guest speakers from various walks of life are invited from time to time to speak on topics of Current interest.

In short, student life in Vidyodaya is a way of growing up.Everything has a meaning, a purpose,a reason to be. Through all our celebrations we thank the Lord for His unfailing promises to our Founders,in the establishment and outstanding growth of the school, over the past 93 years. We also thank God, for his Grace and Counsel that has been the guiding force for all the subsequent Heads of this Institution, to date.”Vidyodaya” signifies the ‘Dawn of Knowledge’.It is our prayer that as the School crest with the Rising Sun,sheds warmth,light and hope,so would every ‘Vidyodayan’ lead a life dedicated to “Serve and not to be served”.


I to V Standards
Middle School
VI to VIII Standards
High School
IX & X
Higher Secondary

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Courses Offered

The following are taught in the Primary classes – English Language (Tamil & Hindi),
Mathematics, Social Studies, Environment Science and Music.
The Academic Course for Standards VI to X consists of
Part I Language Tamil
Part II English
Part III Mathematics, Science, Social Science.
The Higher Secondary Course is divided into the following streams (1) General
Education (2) Vocational Education
Part I & II are compulsory for all Students. Under Part I Languages, we offer Tamil,
Hindi and French of which the Students may choose one.
Under Part III of the academic stream the following subjects are offered.

Courses Offered – Higher Secondary

Group I


Group II

Computer Science

Group III:

Computer Science

Group IV:

Business Maths

Vocational Education:

Accountancy and Auditing with related Subjects.