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Welcome to Vidyodaya Nursery School

The school was founded on a vision of our founder Mrs.E.S.Appasamy in the year 1924.Her main motive was to give opportunity to girl students of all section of the society on value based education to build a better Nation. In the year 1960 she opened the nursery section .This was integrated into a single Pre Primary School under the management of Vidyodaya schools Society with effect from the academic year 1989 – 1990 with a thoroughly revised and enriched curriculum. At present it is a feeder school for Vidyodaya Girls Higher Secondary School and Vidyodaya Matriculation Higher Secondary Academy. All the three schools are housed in a campus of 13 acres of land.

Learning by doing is the main principle followed while exposing children to various activities. Our main aim is to allow students learn independently through the environment they are placed in and develop social and language skills which will enhance their day to day conversation with each other.


L.K.G and U.K.G have 4 sections in each class. The class rooms are provided with a library corner, an activity corner and provision for drawing and painting activities. Students are encouraged to read books and discuss familiar words. This way they would get into reading habits. Activity table is used for clay activities and for drawing. Easel board are used for encouraging students to paint .Students are provided with indoor play equipments and puzzles. Each class has a sand tray to enable students write alphabets and numbers. For outdoor activity students are given an opportunity to play with different play equipments like swing, sea saw, slide and jungle gym. Students are given a chance to enact drama or do role play at the Wendy House. Students are encouraged to use the library for picture conversation and for storytelling activities. The common play field is used for sports activities.

The auditorium which is common to the three schools is utilized for programs like fancy dress, Christmas programs and for celebrating Annual Day.

A separate mike system is provided for students to gain confidence, while reciting rhymes or telling a story in presence of a large audience.
Medical Check-up is conducted once a year. For this, a pediatrician is requested to conduct the check-up for students of LKG and UKG.

The following are the skills that the child develops






Assistant Teacher


House Keeping

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